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Session Descriptions

Product Roadmap and Strategic Direction of Ascend

Join us for a presentation of Ascend roadmap.

Instructors: Nicole Severance, Andrew Berg

Ascend Web Demonstration and Walk Through

Join us for a look at Ascend Web 4.5, its latest capabilities and updated look and feel that you will want!

Instructor: Chris Staunton

Ascend Refresher Session

Join us for a walk-through of some Ascend best practices and a refresher in a variety of core topics to make your job easier.

Instructor: Phithsamay Vang

Ascend Roundtable Discussion

Join the Ascend Team for a roundtable discussion with our customers, covering a variety of topics.

Instructors: Nicole Severance, Phithsamay Vang, Chris Staunton


Aumentum General & Technical (All Products)

Aumentum Cloud

This session will provide an update on Aumentum Cloud development and future of Aumentum Cloud.

Instructors: Noah Nigg, Microsoft Guest

Public Access Upgrade and Migration Plan

Is it time for a makeover? This session will provide information on the upgrade progress so far and details on how you can get ready for your new Public Access.

Instructor: LaDonna Hatton

Demystifying Regression

Regression analysis is a powerful methodology used to understand the relationship of property variables that contribute to value. This session will dive into the basics of regression such as what regression is and used for, the software used in building models, specifying a model, understanding the diagnostics and residuals, and then application of the results.

Instructors: Kevin Schulte, Dan Fasteen

Public Access Ideation

Let's take a look at ideas from the past and see how they have been implemented. Also, be sure to bring any new ideas for Public Access so we can discuss them and make a plan!

Instructor: LaDonna Hatton

Public Access Bill and Pay Functionality

Join this session to take an in-depth look at the Public Access Bill and Pay Functionality. We will walk through the user experience, enhancements, and some lesser-known use cases. 

Instructors: LaDonna Hatton, Bill Witham

Aumentum MarketPlace 360 and Aumentum Analytics

This session will provide an update on our MarketPlace 360 and Aumentum Analytics initiatives. In addition to reviewing progress to date, we will also be providing our current delivery plan.

Instructors: Andrew Muirragui, William Pleake, Noah Nigg

Upgrading SQL Server

This session will cover recommendations for upgrading SQL Server from an older version to latest supported version.  Testing scenarios, compatibility, etc.

Instructor: Leon Smit

50,000 Foot View of GIS

A holistic review of GIS functionality across Aumentum Technologies' CAMA applications, including a look at configuration, setting up the ArcGIS server service and what's in store for the future

Instructors: Kevin Schulte, Dan Fasteen

An Insight into Insights

Visualization using interactive graphs, charts, and maps makes business intelligence tools powerful and robust applications for valuation professionals to understand the patterns within property data. This session will demonstrate basic data exploration, visualization and analysis capabilities using Aumentum Analytics Powered by ESRI Insights within the context of a real analysis. Learn how to dig deeper into your property and sales data to find inconsistencies and anomalies, as well as understand the distributions, patterns, and relationships of important variables that contribute to value within your jurisdiction.

Instructor: Dan Fasteen

Aumentum Production Datafix Process

An overview of the standards and tools used when creating Aumentum datafixes for production environments.

Instructor: Heather Philbert-Aponte

Aumentum Smart Info and Aumentum Explorer

An overview of the tools that help when writing SQL code against Aumentum databases.

Instructor: Alan Knepper

SQL Server Disk Resource Management

This session will cover database growth management and how to identify data that can be purged or moved.

Instructor: Leon Smit

Data Archive/Purge and Batch Enhancements

This session will cover the new Archive and Purge functionality as well as other batch enhancements made to Aumentum Platform.

Instructors: Michael Leavor and Leon Smit

Tech Leadership Roundtable

Roundtable discussion with the R & D Leaders on technical topics related to Aumentum. 

Instructors: Andrew Muirragui, Hani Bahabeel, Leon Smit, Mindy Alexander, Noah Nigg, Paul Burdette, Paula Leal, William Pleake


Aumentum Recorder

What's New In Recorder

New features in the past year plus what we are currently working on.

Instructor: Marlys Gardner

Recorder Meet & Greet

Come join the Recorder Team, including the CSC and Engineering, where we will be available for questions.

Instructor: Marlys Gardner

New Feature Training Part 1

End-user training for use and configuration of new items presented in the "What's New" session and recent releases. Training manuals will be provided.

Instructor: Stacey Myers

New Feature Training Part 2

End-user training for use and configuration of new items presented in the "What's New" session and recent releases. Training manuals will be provided.

Instructor: Stacey Myers

Roadmap Innovation Lab Part 1

Presenting the Recorder Roadmap for the coming year as well as a discussion on possible candidates to work on next - part 1!

Instructor: Marlys Gardner

Roadmap Innovation Lab Part 2

Presenting the Recorder Roadmap for the coming year as well as a discussion on possible candidates to work on next - part 2!

Instructor: Marlys Gardner

eRecorder Training

Come review eRecording, with a focus on administration, how documents are submitted from customers and some of the newer features.

Instructor: Stacey Myers

Ask the Developer Roundtable

Have any technical questions about your system, interfaces, or technology in general? Come join our team while we discuss a variety of topics.

Instructor: James Eddleman

Staying Current: The Why's and How's of Keeping Your Aumentum Recorder Software Up-to-Date

A discussion of the upgrade process, your role, and the benefits of staying current.  

Instructor: Chris Weise

Customer Roundtable

Come join our popular discussion centered around current events and industry trends at the Recorder's Office. 

Instructor: Marlys Gardner


Aumentum Tax

Aumentum Tax Product Roadmap Update

Join me in a review the great things we have been working on since Amplify 2020 and a sneak peak of what is coming in the future of Aumentum Tax.

Instructor: Paula Leal

Correspondence - Creating and Configuring in V8.6.12 +

Learn how to create specialized correspondence (letters and notices) using Aumentum Dataservices in MS Word Mail Merge and/or PDF Writer.  This functionality is used throughout Aumentum Versions starting with 8.6.12.

Instructors: Ed Quinones and Brenda Mabry

Adding QR codes to Bill Formats

With the uncertainty of our times due to Covid, many customers are looking for alternate means of communication with taxpayers and QR codes on tax bills has been an area of interest. Join us for a look into how your County can add QR information to bills without an engineering change required.

Instructor: Kendall Quinlan

New Surplus Audit Functionality

Get a look at the functionality added to Aumentum Platform to provide easy search, view, and reporting on groups of surpluses that are part of a Surplus Audit.

Instructor: Tammi Steyn

All About Fees

A "Fee-nominal" overview of applying, updating, and removing fees, with best practices revealed across all versions of Aumentum.

Instructors: Antolice Thomas and Paul Chouteau

Tax Bill Transfer Training

Join us for a discussion about Tax Bill Transfer functionality in all versions of Aumentum. We will look at the business reasons to process tax bill transfers, then view in Aumentum to show how these business needs are supported.

Instructors: Geoff Hamilton, Chris Jones, Mark Baustian

GL Mapping Improvements

Come see the improved user interface for GL Mapping in Aumentum Platform.  We have been working hard to provide easier implementation and maintenance of the chart of accounts and Aumentum mappings to it.

Instructor: Thomas Parks 

Rounding and Truncation in Levy Management

This session will take a look at both rounding and truncation within the levy module throughout all versions of Aumentum.  We will attempt to demystify the impact of rounding and truncation on funds, bills, districts and TAGs.

Instructor: Mark Baustian

Aumentum Analytics - Connecting to the ODS and Creating Power BI Reports

Harness the power of your data! Learn about Aumentum's new Operational Data Store (ODS) and how you can build dashboards and reports by connecting to the ODS through Microsoft's Power BI tool.  This functionality will be product agnostic, everyone can gain insights from this session.

Instructor: Michael Leavor

(California-specific) What's new in Platform Levy?

This session will look at recent improvements in the Levy module in Aumentum Platform.  We will take a closer look at a new Jurisdictional Change dashboard that will help users maintain sanity as they process BOE Change Notices in the jurisdictional change process.  We will also take a look at new functionality that helps the user to re-extend supplementals and corrections that fall out of the extension process due to inactive TAGs or missing rates.

Instructor: Mark Baustian

(California-specific) Bulk Transfer Demonstration

This class will review new functionality added to Aumentum Platform to facilitate a workflow for bulk transfer sales.  

Instructor: Kendall Quinlan

(California-specific) Delinquent Enforcement & Delinquent Routing

Got Delinquents?  We can help! Let us walk you through the Delinquent Enforcement tools available to group, route, and track Delinquents through Aumentum. 

Instructors: Melanie Dalie, Kendall Quinlan


Aumentum Valuation

The New Redescribe (Splitting and merging properties) Part 1

Aumentum's Redescribe Wizard has been overhauled from the ground up. We will review this new process starting from Records through RPA to AA. Learn how management can see the status of split/merge packets, how work is saved as you go, how changes in objects and values can immediately be incorporated into a split or merge being worked, and so much more. Part 1 will be focused on improvements, configuration, and setup.

Instructor: Steve Hansel

The New Redescribe (Splitting and merging properties) Part 2

Aumentum's Redescribe Wizard has been overhauled from the ground up. We will review this new process starting from Records through RPA to AA. Learn how management can see the status of split/merge packets, how work is saved as you go, how changes in objects and values can immediately be incorporated into a split or merge being worked, and so much more. In Part 2, we will demonstrate the new Redescribe process.

Instructor: Steve Hansel

PPA Copy/Move Assets

Review the process to copy or move asset from one account to another. We will also review the ability to inactivate accounts during roll forward and quick add modifiers.

Instructor: Brandi Putoff

PPA Audit

An overview of the PPA Audit functionality available within Aumentum.

Instructor: Brandi Putoff

Roadmap - To Infinity and Beyond!

Retrospective and Future

Instructors: Aumentum Valuation Product Team

What's New Demo?

Join the Aumentum Valuation Product Team for a demonstration of new features in Aumentum Valuation. 

Instructors: Aumentum Valuation Product Team

(California-specific) Prop 19

Overview of California's Prop 19 legislative requirements and Aumentum's supporting functionality for Exclusions and Base Value Transfers.

Instructor: Tien Dao



What's New and What's Next?

A review of enhancements made this past year, plus upcoming plans for customCAMA development.

Instructors: Brian Bennett, Stephen Dunagan

WinDim - Make the most of your Templates

Creating Import Templates for customCAMA.

Instructors: Stephen Dunagan

Valuation in a Covid-Mad World!

A roundtable discussion of office adjustments made in the last year.  Topics may include Remote Work, going Paperless, Document Files, How has WFH changed your workflow?

Instructors: Debbie Bush, Sue Sterrett (Jefferson, CO), Shane Fancy (Osceola, FL)  April Holcomb and Matt Maspero (Harris, TX)

Field Photography Automation Process in Boulder County

This will be a presentation on a solution developed by Boulder County to import photographs taken during field surveys.

Instructor: Lori Krager and Kevin Knight (Boulder County, CO)

Cool Stuff in customCAMA

A collection of little things that make using customCAMA a bit better.

Instructors: Debbie Bush, Lawrence Vatalaro, Jerone Moodie, Nick Bartosic, Jared Lewis

Discounted Cash Flow, an Income Approach

Cheryl will present on Santa Cruz County's use of DCF for income valuation.

Instructor: Cheryl Windsor (Santa Cruz, CA)

ARB Suite Overview

A review of the functionality in customCAMA's ARB Suite.

Instructors: April Holcomb and Matt Maspero (Harris, TX)

Ask the Developer

A roundtable discussion with customCAMA's Engineering Manager, Stephen Dunagan.

Instructors: Brian Bennett, Stephen Dunagan

Permit Handling in Arapahoe County

A presentation on Arapahoe's process for preparing permit data and then using permit.exe for permit processing.

Instructor: Rick Hein (Arapahoe County, Colorado)

National User Group Roundtable

A roundtable discussion for the customCAMA user group community.

Instructors: Sue Sterrett (Jefferson, CO) Brian Bennett


MVP Indiana

All About Adjustments

Perform adjustments like a pro!  Join this deep dive review of the Adjustment Wizard including when to perform an adjustment, various charge types, and navigation steps.

Instructors: Karen Bastin, Melanie Schlegelmilch

Misapplies, Reapplies, and Voids - Oh My!

A comprehensive review of cashiering functions utilized to maintain collections. Discover the difference between functions and how to determine appropriate transaction dates.

Instructor: Emily Wilson

Indiana MVP Tax Roadmap

Take a virtual ride and explore the Indiana MVP product road map.  Points of interest include planned content and the various factors driving change.

Instructor: Debra Mills

Tips and Tricks for Settlement

An overview of the settlement process including balancing shortcuts, Distribution Wizard navigation, and state reporting submissions.

Instructors: Karen Bastin, Melanie Schlegelmilch

Best Practices and Navigation Tips

Enhance your MVP tool set with a look at best practices and navigation strategies.

Instructor: Emily Wilson


MVP Ohio

Tax Bill Creation and Print Processes

Journey through the life of a tax bill. Various processes will be discussed including bill generation, printing, balancing, and vendor extracts.

Instructor: Rick Delong

MVP Data Mining

Support and engineering leads discuss data access points and respective import/export methods.

Instructors: Rick Delong, Todd Whited

CAUV Concepts

Review the workflow and functional processes associated with managing CAUV properties.

Instructor: Rick Delong

Ohio MVP Tax Roadmap

Take a virtual ride and explore the Ohio MVP product road map.  Points of interest include planned content and the various factors driving change.

Instructors: Debra Mills, Rick Delong, Jacklyn Earich

CAMA and Beyond

CAMA principles and processes are the foundation to successful billing operations.  This session includes a review of the assessment to tax integral touch points.

Instructors: Tom Stoddard, Rick Delong



Receipt Batching & Misc. Receipt Import (Treasurer)

Find the easy button! Walk through some tips and tricks on using T2  receipt batching to your advantage.

Instructor: Karen Bratton

New Field Appraiser Info (Assessor)

Not just for the newbies! Learn how to use the T2 tools to validate appraisal entry.

Instructor: Jeff Brown

State Archiving for Treasurer and Assessor

What is the process for sending documentation to the state archives? Look at what both T2 Treasurer's and Auditor's will provide to meet state requirements for archiving.

Instructor: Karen Bratton

Query for Appraisal Research & Auditing (Assessor)

Discussion of T2 Query focusing on improving auditing of the appraisal data.

Instructor: Jeff Brown

Processing DNR file for Fire Patrol Acres (Assessor)

A walk through on importing the state department of natural resources fire acres into the T2 application.

Instructor: Karen Bratton

Product Roadmap / Legislative Changes Roundtable for Assessor and Treasurer

Roundtable Discussion with the T2 customer base and team, covering a variety of topics.

Instructors: Nicole Severance, Jeff Brown, Karen Bratton

TaxSifter - Masking names (Public Access)

Learning and discussing the newest features for masking law enforcement names on the T2 public access sites.

Instructor: Karen Bratton



Utilizing Economic Units

A review of what Economic Units are, and how to utilize Economic Units within ProVal.

Instructor: William Pleake

Review/Journey Map

A Discussion and Review of Updates Since Last Amplify; Journey Map for 2022.

Instructor: Victoria Cole

Did You Know?

A user-led review of how to best utilize functionality in ProVal.

Instructors: Scott Bernhardt, Kevin Poore & Kim Powell (Hamilton, IN) 


A review of the Pictometry Tab in ProVal.

Instructor: Susan Nungester

Innovation Lab

Engage with us and your peers as we take a look at potential new functionality.

Instructors: Kevin Lauer, Victoria Cole

Cost Tables

Join us for a review of the cost tables within ProVal; how to access them, how to update them, and how to apply them.

Instructor: Judy Anderson

Tables Review

Join Us For a review of where key items are located in the Common and Public databases.

Instructors: Kevin Lauer, Victoria Cole



Managing "The Sale" in VCSTax Web

Join the Product Team to discuss the many enhancements in the Levy Module of Delinquent Processing in the Web.

Instructor: Tonia Mierez

Mortgage Processing Legacy Style

We invite you to participate in a training sessions where we will discuss Mortgage Processing in the Legacy Application.

Instructors: Nadine Moran, Robert DeBold

VCSTax Web | Now You're Playing with Power!

Join the Customer Support team to learn about our favorite new powerful tools that will be delivered in VCSTax Web. 

Instructor: Matthew Eslinger

VCSTax | Roundtable

We want to give you the opportunity to "talk different". Join the VCSTax Development team to discuss all things VCSTax Web.

Instructors: Dewayne Hardin, Arnel Eliarda, Tonia Mierez

The VCSTax Initiative

VCSTax retrospective and future initiatives.

Instructor: Tonia Mierez