Kansas Patriot & Countyworks

Aumentum Technologies offers two software options for Kansas counties:


Patriot is proven, reliable, and flexible software for county offices featuring Property Tax Administration – from Appraisal to Distribution or Delinquency, all values and taxes are handled accurately. Patriot includes financial management with full double-entry budgetary fund accounting for both the Clerk and Treasurer’s offices, as well as payroll for all the special needs of Kansas County governments.


CountyWorks is proven, reliable, and simple software for county offices featuring easy and straightforward Property Tax, Budgetary Accounting, and Payroll processing functionality, with an enhanced user interface option available.

Patriot Modules
Antique & Heavy Truck

The Patriot Antique & Heavy Truck System has been developed to transfer all information for newly registered Antique Vehicles and quarterly payments for Heavy Trucks directly from VIPS. It produces tax statements for antiques and quarterly payment notices for heavy trucks. It also records payments and issues receipts. It allows for “carryover” amounts for unpaid antique taxes and allows them to maintain their own Truck Fee Charts.

Document Management

The Patriot Document Management System (DMS) was developed for the Register of Deeds to eliminate the manual processes of recording, indexing, and retrieval of all types of recorded documents. When combined with Real Vision Imaging (RVI), DMS is capable of capturing, viewing, and printing an image, further eliminating the manual process of copying and filing documents.

Financial Management

The Patriot Financial Management System is an integrated accounts payable, multiple-fund general ledger, budgetary accounting, and financial reporting system designed specifically for the public sector.

Human Resources

The Patriot Human Resources (HR) assists employers by extending employee record keeping. With the implementation of federal HIPAA regulations, security of employee information is essential. The HR package maintains the necessary security, while providing the Human Resources department a truly powerful arena to collect essential employee information.

License Tags

The Patriot License Tag System has been developed to transfer license plate information directly from VIPS, keeping track of every license plate in the county. This system allows license plate printing by owner name, date registered, and license tag #. It allows viewing by date, owner, tag #, VIN, decal #, and vehicle year / make / model / style. It keeps up to five registration dates for each license and up to three vehicles per tag as history. And if the tag replaced a previous tag, both tags are updated to show the replacement.


The Patriot Lienholder System transfers from MOVRS all vehicle registrations with liens.  The county treasurer can send listings to the lienholder companies to verify that registrations have been completed as expected.

Motor Vehicle

The Motor Vehicle Distribution System provides a method of capturing and storing Motor Vehicle, Recreational Vehicle, and Rental Excise Taxes collected; for the purpose of generating distributions by Taxing Unit, District, and Fund. To ensure speed and accuracy, transactions can be transferred automatically from MOVRS. Estimated Distributions can also be performed using the system.

Oil & Gas

The Patriot Oil and Gas Appraisal System has been developed to assist the County Appraiser and staff in working, valuing and printing oil and gas renditions. The system updates via certification to the Patriot Tax Administration System thus eliminating the need for dual data entry of oil and gas appraisals to the Patriot Tax application.


The Patriot Payroll System collects, stores, and maintains all data necessary to insure accurate, timely, and thorough payroll records. The Payroll System is designed specifically for use by public sector organizations.  It calculates, prints, and reconciles checks of salaried, hourly, and contract employees. Deductions and benefits can be fully customized by the user.

Personal Property Assessment System

The Patriot Personal Property Assessment System has been developed to assist the County Appraiser and staff in the compilation, calculation, notification, certification, and reporting of personal property values. All options are menu driven and designed for operator ease of use. Codes and rates are user defined. The system provides a common data structure that can be useful when integrating with other applications. No preprinted forms are needed as the system prints all requisite forms. Additionally, standard window envelopes can be used.

Tax Administration

The Patriot Tax Administration System performs the functions of tax reporting, abstracting, billing, collection and distribution of current taxes, generation of warrants and redemptions, and collection and distribution of delinquent taxes. The system encompasses the entire cycle of a tax year. Both the current and prior year tax rolls are maintained.

Tax Search

The Tax Search Module provides the County taxpayers with the capability to search the County tax information 24/7. There are two search levels: Level One is for the Public with limited information displayed; Level Two is for Registered Users showing detail, history, and delinquent information. The Tax Search Module can be linked to other modules.