Aumentum T2

Aumentum T2 

T2 has been designed to meet the statutory requirements of Washington and Nebraska counties. T2 provides the public easy access to County government information. T2 provides a comprehensive search engine to provide users with a way of viewing County information based on a Parcel number, Owner name, or Address. 

Mountains and Lake

Direct Integration

T2 can provide a Washington County Treasurer with the tools necessary for both the collection and disbursement of property taxes as well as miscellaneous receipts. T2 provides Treasurer staff with proven, efficient receipting tools that have increased productivity in many offices by reducing repetitive tasks and supporting bulk tasks. The system provides for management of a Tax Statement throughout its entire lifecycle. 

Class Name
Public Access

TaxSifter T2 is an information dissemination tool designed to provide local government employees and the public easy access to County government information. TaxSifter T2 integrates directly with T2 County government software to provide seamless access. Self-service government is the future, and TaxSifter T2 can get you there now.

  • TaxSifter T2 can be customized for specific needs. 
  • Option to integrate into existing County web sites, hosted by Aumentum Technologies, or hosted from your offices. 
  • Complete integration capability with CAMA and Assessment Administration.
Integrated Tax Roll Corrections Procedures
  • Reduces intra-office paperwork
Online Payment Vendor Integration
  • TaxSifter T2 appears as a natural extension to your existing web site. 
Comprehensive Search Engine
  • View County information based on a Parcel number, Owner name, Address, or custom parameters. 
Owner Based Receipting
  • Proven, efficient receipting tools increase productivity by reducing repetitive tasks and supporting bulk tasks.
  • Tax Statements may also be receipted in mass using the Owner Receipting form.
Mortgage Import Bulk Receipt Wizard
  • The system allows for bulk receipting of payments from external sources using the Mortgage Import form. Including payments from mortgage companies, remit machines, or online payment processors.
Miscellaneous Receipting
  • T2 allows for the creation of Miscellaneous Receipts that can be used to account for monies collected by the Treasurer’s office but not tied to a Tax Statement. 
  • The distribution of these receipts is fully customizable by the County but there are tools to allow for templates and by district setups to be automated.
  • Customer Service Representatives can reverse or re-print a copy of the receipt.