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Property Valuation

CAMA software for efficient and accurate appraisal.

Aumentum Valuation is an appraisal solution that includes a complete range of tools, sketching, and workflow technologies to assist the Appraiser in completing equitable valuations. We offer SaaS, as well as both onsite and hosted software options, so you can use the tools in the way that works best for your staff and organization. 

Aumentum Valuation is just one component of our fully integrated software suite, Aumentum Platform, capable of servicing the complete property tax lifecycle from property valuation to billing, collection & distribution. Values automatically flow throughout the application between each of the modules leveraged by a jurisdiction.  

Aumentum Valuation allows property values and assessments to be automatically populated into our other integrated systems for county offices, including Aumentum Tax (tax billing & collection), and Public Access (constituent-facing website).  The result – a single source of truth across all interdependent departments, streamlining workflows between offices and vastly improving taxpayer support and customer service. 

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Time-Saving Features

Aumentum Valuation provides your staff with time-saving features like workflow, data mining, and reporting to track parcels from creation through valuation, assessment, and taxation.


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Integrated Components

Aumentum Valuation brings together CAMA, assessment administration, and case management within a single product that eliminates many of the interoperability constraints found in traditional systems. Valuation includes a collection of calculation tools that support standard appraisal methodologies.

Real Property Valuation

Aumentum Real Property Valuation provides all the necessary tools to complete a comprehensive valuation on properties either in mass, or individually on a case-by-case basis. Aumentum Valuation provides a robust structure for entry and display of data relevant to appraisals as well as a convenient mechanism to maintain and manage parcel characteristic data. 


Records is the foundation of every Aumentum install. It is a comprehensive database repository of properties and  parties with an interest in the jurisdictions' properties, especially valuable for citizen relationship management, assessment and tax management. Records provides the functionality for jurisdictions to track what property and people exist, the characteristics of the two, and the relationship between them.

Assessment Administration

Assessment Administration handles the application of property assessment rules, from simple property tax scenarios to the most complex. Within the Assessment Administration module, Aumentum manages and applies all rules related to deriving taxable values including applicable exemptions, value capping, preferential assessments and penalties. Assessment Administration also handles and calculates revised values affected by corrections while maintaining value history. Through configuration and application processing, State and Jurisdictional rules are applied to Assessments for each individual account used to generate assessment notices and assessment rolls.

Personal Property Valuation

Aumentum Personal Property offers users the ability to track business assets in a variety of ways based on jurisdictional preference.  Key business processes are supported through tight integration with our configurable workflow system and Public Access module, enabling the public to update information, file online,  and route those filings to appropriate staff for review.  For filings that are mailed to the office, our Rapid Asset Entry process provides an efficient way for your team to enter that data in a timely manner.  In addition, integration with reporting services provides customized standard system reports, filings and extracts using system-provided templates.

Case Management

Aumentum Case Management provides jurisdictions the ability to customize and manage their Appeals business process from start to finish. The system is capable of supporting multiple implementation models ranging from simple Assessor only integrations with local boards providing visibility on appeals, to full appeals management including automated calendar scheduling and evidence packet creation.  Regardless of the size the jurisdiction or degree of complexity of your State’s Appeal processes, Aumentum’s broad feature set can be customized through configured to meet your individual needs.

Correspondence and Reporting

In a user-friendly Microsoft application environment, users create letters, reports and forms using Aumentum correspondence tools.  Correspondence files can be used to generate your jurisdiction's various bills, correspondence, notices, etc. Correspondence is customized by the jurisdiction and can contain artwork, logos, signatures, and watermarks. 

Aumentum Valuation Highlights


Multiple Methods of Valuation

Have control throughout the calculation of final values and support multiple methods within each of the valuation approaches.

Data Management

Valuation achieves customization through configuration of property data, giving users control over both their characteristic data as well as how it's viewed.

GIS Integration

Aumentum GeoAnalyst integrates with Esri’s ArcGIS Server, so you can use spatial tools to visualize parcel data more effectively.

Sketch Integration

Aumentum Smart Sketch is integrated with Real Property forming the perfect pairing of valuation and sketch technology.
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Mobile Data Collection

Log and update property characteristics from field locations, using the same configurable business rules you use at the office.

Custom Forms & Letters

Create letters and forms using Aumentum correspondence tools in a seamless, user-friendly Microsoft® environment.
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Powerful Workflow Engine

Powerful workflow engine to manage flow of work between users and departments. 
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Pictometry Integration

Using Pictometry's oblique imagery and 360 degree aerial viewpoints, jurisdictions can reduce time and money spent on field inspections.

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