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Tax Collection

Simplify revenue management with our tax collection software.

Aumentum Tax gives you a complete range of property tax software tools, including levy management, billing, collection, cashiering, and special assessments. Aumentum Tax meets the tax revenue management challenges you face every day, from legislative and technology changes to sharing data with the public and with other government offices. 

Aumentum Tax is just one component of our fully integrated software suite, Aumentum Platform, capable of servicing the full property tax lifecycle from deed recording through to billing, collection and distribution.  Through a single database, Aumentum Tax allows taxpayer data to be collected once, and automatically populated into our other integrated systems for county offices, including Aumentum Valuation (property valuation software for Property Appraisers), and Public Access (constituent-facing website).  The result – a single source of truth across all interdependent departments, streamlining workflows between offices and vastly improving taxpayer support and customer service. 

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All Inclusive

Our powerful, comprehensive and flexible tax billing and collection management solution helps you to accurately and fairly apply property taxes across your jurisdiction.

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Integrated Components

Aumentum Tax comprises modules for managing  real and tangible property taxes, cashiering, and local business taxes, case management for delinquent tangible property and bankruptcy/litigation cases, and reporting - all in a streamlined, single-solution, Cloud-based interface capable of adapting to innovations in the marketplace, as well as interfacing with various third-party systems, as needed.  

Tax Billing & Collection

Aumentum Tax Billing & Collection includes the Billing Engine, Cashiering and Accounts Receivable modules. The Aumentum Billing Engine formats and produces property tax bills, business licenses, motor vehicle documents, and other bills. The Aumentum Cashiering module provides user and batch processes to calculate appropriate interest, penalties and fees and to collect and record payments in real time over the counter or through remote cashiering devices. The Accounts Receivable module is the repository for all charges, payments and credits. It calculates late payment interest, penalties and fees. 


Records provides a single data entry source delivering time savings and increased data accuracy to your jurisdiction. It is the core component of every Aumentum installation. Records provides a complete inventory of the parcels, filings, business revenue or motor vehicles along with a list of the legal parties who have an interest in the inventory.


Assessment Administration

Assessment Administration handles the most complex property assessment rules – it maintains the property inventory and valuation data used to determine assessed values for the assessment roll. These functions include a calculation engine, capping and triggering of automatic corrections. Aumentum’s Assessment Administration provides the ability to configure, track and calculate any number of exemptions and preferential assessments.

Levy Management

Levy Management is responsible for ensuring all appropriate taxes are applied to assessments. Levy Management includes tools for the maintenance of tax entities including Tax Authorities, Tax Authority Groups (Millage Codes) and Tax Authority Funds as well as configuration settings for tax calculations (including processing corrections, transferring tax bills and tax estimation). Levy Management performs the primary tax calculations as well as secondary tax calculations, which includes, for example, tax deductions and credits.


Determines what bills are delinquent, automatically calculates additional interest, penalties, and fees, and facilitates the creation of notices. Includes write-off functionality, payment plans, and has a bankruptcy program that allows for creation of the filing.

Aumentum Tax Highlights


Information Center

Show aggregated information from all offices, reducing workload on staff, and empowering customer service representatives without the need to pass the customer between offices.

GIS Integration

Aumentum GeoAnalyst integrates with Esri’s ArcGIS Server, so you can use spatial tools to analyze data more effectively.
Event Log_icon

Unlimited Event Log

Document the history of every event and transaction associated with a specific property.

Executive Dashboard

Review up-to-date visual data of office and staff activities, collected in real-time by location, source, service and more.
Business Revenue_icon

Business Revenue

Our comprehensive, automated Business Tax solution includes Business Tax, Trust Tax or self-reporting taxes, as well as Cannabis. It has a complete import and discovery/preview tool for accepting data from external sources.
Tax Sale_icon

Tax Sale

Tax Sale facilitates all the activities leading up to and including the auction of liens or the auction of the property itself due to severe delinquency.
Special Assessments_icon

Special Assessments

Create, maintain, and calculate amounts for special assessment districts and projects – including amortization over many years.


Calculates the tax revenue due to the taxing authorities for a given time period based on amounts levied and monies collected. This includes the ability to calculate withholding commissions from disbursements to agencies and producing disbursement records.
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