Aumentum MVP Tax is a powerful and flexible property tax billing and collection solution for tax collection officials in Florida, Ohio, and Indiana. 

MVP Tax provides the functionality to maintain, bill, collect, distribute and track properties and associated taxes. 


Streamlined Basic Functions

MVP Tax combines the ability to perform streamlined, basic functions with advanced capabilities that include producing bills, tracking taxes, posting payments, and distributing funds for various types of properties and charges. Property types can include but are not limited to; Real, Personal, Mobile Homes, Excise Tax, and Special Assessment. 

Class Name

Aumentum Technologies ensures compliance with state standards, processes, and laws and continually brings important new capabilities to tax billing and collection users.

Integration, Interfaces and Security
  • Integration with CAMA, Recorder and eGovernment
  • Integrated receipting and cash management
  • Ability to integrate with desktop tools such as imaging, word processing, spreadsheets and other enabling technologies
  • Electronic interfaces with item processing equipment, mortgage companies, financial systems, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Extensive security
Automation and Tracking
  • Automation of delinquency, tax sale, interest, and penalty calculations
  • Automation of settlements, balances, and roll-overs
  • Tracking of property splits, combinations, and transfers
User-defined Capabilities and Search
  • User defined tax units and rate tables
  • User defined interest and penalty tables
  • User defined deductions, exemptions and credits
  • Comprehensive search and inquiry capabilities
System Help
  • Easy-to-use Wizards to guide users through multi-step processes
  • "On-Line" and "What's This?" help and Procedure Processes
Maintenance Features
  • Maintenance of an unlimited number of parties associated with a property
  • Maintenance of an unlimited number of properties associated with a party