Aumentum ProVal™ is a comprehensive property appraisal product widely deployed in the United States today. With its powerful valuation engine, ProVal offers all the traditional approaches to value, including the cost, market, and income approaches, while conforming to strict national and international standards. ProVal provides integrated Assessment Administration, Mapping (GIS), and supports real and personal property valuation. It also features hearing scheduling and certified roll processing and maintenance, while adhering to the CAMA business rules that have been developed and refined over the past 30 years.

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Highly Productive

Aumentum ProVal features a highly productive, integrated sketch package and an extremely accurate valuation engine for calculating property values. 

Class Name
Solution Highlights
Property Administration
  • Track property splits, combinations/merges, and transfers
  • Tracking of Appeals, Permits, and Inspections
  • Ability to redact confidential ownership and address information 
  • Ability to attach documents and images directly to parcels
Land & Improvements
  • Entering and editing of Land Characteristics
  • Entering and editing of Improvement Characteristics
  • Sketch driven improvement creation
  • Tools to update Parcel Characteristics in mass
  • Cost-based Valuation 
  • Easily apply a wide array of factors at the structure, parcel, and neighborhood level using proven methodologies 
  • Allows for multiple user-defined land models by neighborhood 
  • Mass Appraisal of Income-producing properties through income modeling
  • Allows for analysis of sales and statistical data using neighborhood and/or user-defined subsets 
  • Comparable Sales 
  • Maintain Unlimited history and assessment years via effective dating 
  • Tools to manage values to ensure accuracy of data
Data Imports/Exports
  • Import of Values such as Regression
  • Sales Disclosure Import — import Sales Information
  • Land Detail Import — import land details from your GIS
  • Check In/Check Out — manage/update your data right in the field as you conduct inspections 
  • A vast array of Standard Reports
  • Ability to create and attach custom reports
  • Robust Report Designer including a chart wizard to allow quickly analyzing data using Linear Regression, Box Plots, and Scatter Plots 
  • Excel Extract Utility — quickly export data to Excel in a matter of moments 
  • Integration with nationally recognized GIS vendors
  • Integration with Pictometry
  • Integration with multiple Tax systems
  • Role-based user permissions