The Aumentum VCSTax product line is a comprehensive property tax collection solution for tax collection officials in the State of Georgia. 

VCSTax software has grown significantly and has seen many improvements and changes. A few modules and feature additions include a delinquent tax module, mail processing, quarterly billing, consolidation sheet XML export, tax bill transaction maintenance, associated file management, ledger accounting, authority and customer check writing, various export and import actions and more than 75 reports.

Many of the product development, engineers and customer service representatives have a long tenure with the VCSTax product. This has kept the knowledge base intact and moving the product forward.

Currently, the VCSTax team has seen the need for additional improvements in the software interface, deployments to customers and potential capabilities of the product. This is why our team has embarked on a new project to re-write the VCSTax software with a new web interface with many new modules and features while keeping the same easy to use style that our users have come to depend on.


70 Georgia Jurisdictions

Aumentum Technologies supports the mission of Georgia assessment and tax offices by keeping you at the center of our VCS software development. VCSTax includes customers in over 70 Georgia jurisdictions where our software successfully produces tax bills for over 1 million parcels annually throughout the state.

Class Name
Solution Highlights
Georgia Focused

Supported by a world-class local customer service department comprised of Georgia software professionals. VCSTax has been serving communities in partnership with Georgia governments since 2000.

Complete Solution

VCSTax is a total Georgia Tax Commissioner solution for Property Tax Collection and Delinquent Processing with integrated Cash Basis Ledger, designed to work optimally for your office.

Integrated Collection

Aumentum VCSTax allows the user to collect all property types including real estate, personal property, mobile home, timber, heavy equipment as well as inner office created property types such as garbage billing, paving fees, and more in the same page. This feature creates a more efficient working environment for your organization.

Latest Technology

Aumentum VCSTax Legacy is a PC-based, Windows application currently being rebuilt to the latest technology—web-based environments via Windows Server 2014 and SQL Server 2014 with continual optimization to allow compatibility to future Windows Server and SQL versions. 

Continually Enhanced

We recognize today’s world of rapidly changing technology; our team continually advances the product to remain in line with current technological innovation. Aumentum VCSTax is currently being rewritten in the Angular language to enhance functionality and keep it on the cutting edge. The new application will come complete with setup wizards and easy-to-use tutorials built right into the application.

Leading In Technology With State-Of-The-Art Software

VCSTax Software Legacy and web-based applications run on standard hardware and operating systems. The software is an open system which allows users to access and extract data from the database through an ODBC connection such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and others.