Aumentum customCAMA

Aumentum customCAMA is a comprehensive property appraisal software product featuring a highly productive, integrated sketch package and an extremely accurate valuation engine for calculating property values. customCAMA offers all of the traditional approaches to value, including the cost, market and income approaches, while conforming to strict national and international standards. It encapsulates advanced CAMA technology, provides integrated Assessment Administration, Mapping (GIS), and supports real and personal property valuation. It also features hearing scheduling and certified roll processing and maintenance, while adhering to the CAMA business rules that have been developed and refined over the past 30 years.


Completely Customizable

This is the only completely customizable CAMA solution on today’s market, offering an abundance of tailored solutions for local government property appraisers.

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Solution Highlights

customCAMA operates with a series of workflows that can help streamline efficiency in the office.  Workflow operates behind permitting, appeals tracking, as well as any user defined workflows that can be created within the system.  The workflows protect operations from duplication of work efforts and allows managers to track the work of those they oversee.

Integrated Valuation Tools

Included in the system are multiple cost estimators, automated sales comparison approach that can be run singularly, or in batch, on both residential and commercial properties, Income approach for both modeled incomes and singular income analysis, and an integrated multiple regression tool, eliminating the need for third party products.

Automated Sales Ratio Module

customCAMA can automatically calculate sales ratios and statistical output for any user defined group of properties.  It then can automatically calculate one or more multipliers to reach the desired target level of output, such as a multiplier or factor. This is done ”on the fly”, which allows for quick and efficient equalization between groups of properties.

Income Approach to Value

The system allows for modeling income models to derive values for large populations, provides the opportunity to analyze and value individual properties, provides tools to value multi-use properties, includes both gross rent and gross income multipliers, and discounted cash flow for properties with and/or without a reversion.

Association of Related Accounts

Systems allows for the association of accounts (parcels), both real and personal.  This is a critical concern for efficiently tracking the valuation of Mobile Home Parks and similar situations where both real and personal properties are involved.  In addition, the assessor may link associated real parcels together, such as multiple buildings in a medical complex.

Condominium Valuation

customCAMA provides a separate module for the tracking of condominium projects, including common areas and model floor plans.  This is integrated with the valuation tool to insure efficiency and correctness of data.

GIS Integration

The integration of GIS tools allows the assessor to more effectively and accurately perform valuation tasks, by providing a spatial analysis of the data. For example, when performing the sales comparison approach, the assessor may view the comparables, in relation to the subject, before committing to a value.

Utilization of Excel

In multiple areas of the valuation process, data can be exported, by the single click of an icon, to an Excel spread sheet.  Data can then be analyzed and even manipulated and re-inserted into the product.

Mobile Application

customCAMA provides for a complete mobile application, including GIS, photos, and sketches for a user defined property set.  Staff will not have to learn to work or enter data any differently than they would in the office.  All functions are the same.

Robust Search Capabilities

While searching for a group of parcels to work with, the user may search by name, id, land use, work que, sale properties, predefined group, or even create unique queries, which can then be stored and utilized by others at a later date.

MLS Interface

customCAMA has the ability to import and work with data from third party providers.  This provides an additional source of sales data to be utilized in the system.