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Daniel Fasteen

Daniel J. Fasteen, Ph.D. is a Product Specialist/Research Scientist with Aumentum Technologies where he coordinates and designs analytical solutions and services for GIS and mass appraisal. Daniel has been in the property valuation profession since 2010 working for local government jurisdictions in North Dakota and Minnesota. His primary areas of expertise include the design and application of spatial automated valuation models (AVM’s) to mass valuation problems, and the integration of GIS and CAMA systems technology. He has presented papers at numerous conferences and international research symposiums, serves on the editorial review board of the Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration, and is a former Chair of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Research Subcommittee. Daniel has also coauthored the book, “GIS for Property Tax and Assessment Professionals” published by IAAO.

William Pleake

William has over 30 years of experience in the Ad-Valorem appraisal field and is familiar with a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial property valuation techniques and their application. He joined the team in 2006 and currently serves as the Director of Product Management for the Aumentum Valuation product line. William previously served over 16 years in the Benton County, Washington Assessor’s Office as a Senior Commercial Appraiser. He has been a member of the IAAO since 1993, including previously serving as President of the Central Washington IAAO Chapter.

Natalie Dhakhwa

Natalie Dhakhwa serves as Sales Executive for Aumentum Technologies’ web-based suite of Property Tax and Valuation software solutions. In addition, she oversees the company’s partnership program, cultivating relationships with strategic business partners to ensure customers have access to best-in-breed products and services to continually improve constituent services. Ms. Dhakhwa has over 10 years of business development experience working in the state and local government sector and has led numerous agencies nationwide to adopt innovative tech solutions that streamline business processes and increase efficiency and revenue.

Elizabeth Strout

Elizabeth is currently the Senior Technical Marketing Representative for Aumentum Valuation. She started in the industry in in 2006 working closely with clients in order to help them achieve a smooth transition from implementation into go-live for CAMA software. Along the way, she has been a part in implementations, assisting with everything from conversion to creation of training and completing on-the-job training for new clients. She moved to California to support the Santa Cruz project, after which Elizabeth transitioned into the Technical Marketing team. In her current role, she specializes in Aumentum demonstrations, evaluating the market for new features of value and assists with integration testing.
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Class Name
Educational Sessions Instructor: Daniel J. Fasteen
Delineating Objective Market Segments using Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) and GIS tools.

Producing neighborhood and market segment hierarchies are essential for the development of location-based influences on property value.  Capturing and quantifying spatial neighborhood effects to delineate and segment potential market areas can be a very tedious process. This session will provide guidance on a methodology that allows for the development of a standardized location factor that will allow for the visualization of areas that have desirable or less desirable influences on value. These location factors can then be run through a machine learning grouping algorithm to maximize the differences between groupings while preserving the similarities within groupings. The results of this methodology can be utilized by appraisers and analysts as an objective method to reconcile market segments for use in valuation cost and market models of residential properties.

Uncovering Patterns in Valuation Data Using Business Intelligence tools and GIS.

Visualization using interactive graphs, charts, and maps makes business intelligence tools powerful and robust applications for valuation professionals to understand the patterns within property data. This session will demonstrate basic data exploration, visualization and analysis capabilities using a powerful BI tool within the context of a real analysis. Learn how to dig deeper into your property and sales data to find inconsistencies and anomalies, as well as understand the distributions, patterns, and relationships of important variables that contribute to value within your jurisdiction.

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