Aumentum Land Administration

Aumentum Land Administration solutions are used by governments around the world to digitize and secure land documentation. Aumentum is a powerful solution that can be easily customized for any land-related business process.

Aumentum Land Administration solutions allow governments to:

  • Automate land records management and facilitates the registration of property transactions in a more controlled and transparent environment. ​
  • Transform a manual and paper-based method into a digital process while securing the distribution of data and enhancing customer service.​
  • Provide title registration for public and private land, strata, movable, and immovable properties with a point-of-sale application and maintenance of an automated fee schedule, chart of accounts, and financial reporting.

Aumentum Land Administration includes:

  • Aumentum Cadastre integrates a suite of survey and cadastral management tools that enable you to collect and manage property data and make that data accessible to the public.​

  • Aumentum Registry provides the flexibility needed to automate land records management and facilitate the registration of real estate and property-based transactions.

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Return on Investment of 300 Percent for the Government of Bahamas

In the Bahamas, we designed and implemented a computerized Parcel Information Management System (PIMS) with geodetic network control to assure pinpoint geographic accuracy. Aumentum was used to convert and integrate geographic data for more than 70,000 properties from multiple data sources.


The end result was a complete, accurate, and accessible cadastre for the Government of Bahamas, while also enhancing its ability to share information. In addition, through our geo auditing process, we helped the government add over US-$3.5 million worth of properties previously missing from the tax roll—a return on investment of more than 300 percent.

Class Name
Solution Benefits
Automated Land Registration

Provides a full-featured, Torrens- based title registration system for use by state agencies and land registrars around the world.


A simple indexing and scanning workflow comes out of the box, but it can be configured for language, attributes, and document types for a particular jurisdiction.

Estate Management

Provides agencies responsible for lands owned by the state the ability to manage transactions, interests, records, and property details relating to leases, acquisitions, assignments, disposals, rent reviews, lease renewals, valuations, maintenance, and assets.

Parcel Data Integration

Create and manage parcel data and relevant legal property information using extensive geographic editing functions including CO GO (coordinate geometry) and conflation tools.

Content Sharing

Built-in reporting tools allow you to data mine database content, user activity and parcel histories providing  a comprehensive audit trail on system activity and processing history.

Aumentum Land Administration Highlights



Transforms manual or semi-automated business processes into the Registry Workflow Engine. All functions of the land registration and administration process are streamlined and made more efficient. In doing so, the transaction turnaround time is shortened, thereby reducing operational costs.


Defining access rights and permissions to data is a fundamental feature. As users interact with the data, the system logs and build full audit trails, increasing transparency and minimizing the opportunity for fraudulent activity.


Users can generate reports, forms, and letters in PDF, Microsoft® Office Word, Excel, and HTML. A comprehensive list of reports is pre-loaded, enabling managers and administrators to report on staff productivity and transaction throughput.

Record Preservation

Aumentum Registry provides secure storage and redundancy of important records that could be damaged by fingerprints, floods, fires, and other natural disasters.


An application programming interface (API) provides integration with third-party systems and other existing government applications. It also integrates with Aumentum Valuation and Aumentum Tax to automate property valuations, taxation, billing, and collection.

Map Module

Provides advanced display and spatial query and analysis tools to access enterprise cadastral database managed by the Server Module.

GIS Viewer Module

Easily access your parcel fabric-related registry information on land and property rights, as well as scanned documents and images using the simplicity of a web browser.

Server Module

Is a centralized, enterprise spatial data, management application. It includes workflow configuration, job creation and user management tools that deliver intuitive client side job routing and task assignment. The Server Module supports configurable parcel numbering systems and spatial data access services.
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